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Connection Circles are intimate, supportive, communal-creative expression groups for kids and teens. Through painting, drawing, writing, and mindfulness practice, participants will learn about themselves and gain effective means to interact with each other in a safe, creative, and sensitive environment. 


Connection Circles will provide participants with a safe place to:

  • Explore various aspects of themselves.

  • Experience expression through drawing, painting, and writing.

  • Practice deep listening and acceptance of those around us.

  • Improve self-esteem and a sense of belonging.

  • Gain skills in mindfulness practice and emotional regulation. 

  • Relate to a community of like-minded friends and have fun!


Designed, and facilitated by Yehudit Feinstein-Mentesh. Yehudit is an artist and a facilitator who draws upon multiple disciplines and modalities — art, writing, happiness studies, and positive psychology — to help people harness their inner power and live more authentically.


 -Each group is limited to 6 participants, grouped by age and open to all genders.

-Location:  609 Degraw, Brooklyn NY 11215

For more details, dates and special requests please contact me at:

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