How do we embrace the stories of our past to feel fully alive in the present? How do we grapple with pain and joy, loss and longing to truly inhabit our bodies, hearts, and minds? What do we need to feel rooted in belonging within an ever-changing world? Want to engage with art, writing, and identity with a group of peers? 


Summer Connection Circle is a series of three sessions that build upon each other in a sequential arc. The series functions as an immersive journey, so participants must attend all four sessions.

Join a Connection Series to learn, practice, and create in a supportive communal environment. 


Participants will explore personal intuitive writing, drawing, and painting to better understand themselves and each other.



Connection Summer Circle will take place in 3 gatherings at Playground Brooklyn, 540 President, 

Brooklyn, NY 11251



July 27th

August 3rd, 10th



Cost: $300; includes art materials and light refreshments