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About Me  |  Artist Bio


How do we embrace the stories of our past to feel fully alive in the present? How do we grapple with pain and joy, loss and longing to truly inhabit our bodies, hearts, and minds? What do we need to feel rooted in belonging within an ever-changing world? 


I was born from stories of the Holocaust, wars, and survival. Artifacts that trace my family’s history — old maps, stained letters, dresses, and linens — evoke powerful memories and inspire my creative process. My art reflects all facets of my identity — the Israeli, the Slovakian, the European, the Argentinean — and explores the complexity of inherited trauma and immigrant dreams. Through painting, drawing, and mixed media, I strive to depict my own family’s intergenerational journey, while inviting others to consider their lives in relationship to lands, cultures, and time.

The Second World War destroyed branches of my family tree, and all that remains are fragments of stories and the power of imagination. As an artist, I am both a creator and a detective, collecting evidence — every stain, every flower — to build bridges between a past full of loss and a future reaching toward hope. At its core, my art explores the unique tension between what is, what was, and what will be. In each painting or drawing, I experience a sense of rebirth and renewal. Every line, every symbol, and every shape offers a meditation on existence and an opportunity to ask, ‘Who am I, really? Where did I come from? Where am I going?’ As I uncover new narratives about belonging and loneliness, resilience and survival, I hope my art will inspire others to examine the questions and curiosities that live inside their hearts.

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