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About Me  |  Artist Bio


Yehudit Feinstein-Mentesh is an artist, writer, and facilitator. With extensive education and experience in psychoanalysis and happiness studies, she believes creative expression is a vehicle for healing, growth, and change. Yehudit began her career as a teacher and a facilitator for adults and teens. She then spent 15 years in the not-for-profit sector, leading small gatherings and large-scale functions for regional, national, and global organizations. Now an independent practitioner, Yehudit offers workshops that explore the intersection of art and identity to help people fully inhabit their lives. Rooted in compassion, curiosity, and spiritual engagement, Yehudit’s workshops are designed for both groups and individuals. She is especially focused on supporting the journeys of women and girls as they navigate personal challenges.

Yehudit grew up in Israel and has lived in Brooklyn since 2000, where she resides with her husband and three sons.

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