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Reflection. Growth. Healing. Heart. Art.

Supporting your personal journey towards healing and meaningful living through self-exploration and creativity 


The Process

In the process of working together, I will guide you through a journey of self-exploration towards meaningful relationships, personal growth, healing and fulfilling your potential. At the core of the journey is the permission to be human and to accept all emotions in a safe environment.


Through extensive experience working with individuals and groups in the field of psychoanalysis and happiness, I learned that healing comes from a constant search for meaning. My approach to healing and growth is rooted in meeting each individual where they are in their life and helping them make progress through the course of their lives. The road to success is driven by acceptance, self-love, and compassion.


I am passionate about listening, unfolding fears and obstacles layer by layer, and celebrating progress and success. Together, we will reach for success through personal discovery and creative processes.

How it Works

Sessions can be held via phone, online teleconference, or in person at the Playground Brooklyn Studio.

Sessions are available for adults, teens, and groups of all genders, ages, and abilities.

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