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We all reach points in our lives when we feel stuck, lost, or on the brink of transformation. Whether emerging from a pandemic, changing jobs, healing from a loss, or embracing a new identity, we need spaces to explore who we are and who we are becoming. Often in our day-to-day lives, we are not given opportunities to be our own architects of self-discovery. We get caught up in cycles of meetings, classes, and errands. We conform to other people’s expectations. Social pressures push us into loneliness and hold us back from being the best versions of ourselves. 

I work collaboratively with people of all ages to guide them through a journey of self-exploration toward meaningful relationships, personal growth, and healing. I view myself as a partner, co-creator, and facilitator who draws upon multiple disciplines and modalities — art, writing, happiness studies, positive psychology — to help people harness their personal power and live more authentically.

Creative Laboratories, children drawings
Creative laboratries
Creative Laboratories

Looking to express yourself through color, words, and mindfulness practices? Want to gain a better understanding of your behaviors, inner voices, and sources of tension? Join me in my studio art space to create art together, search for your inner truths and connect to yourself and others. I offer individual, 60-minute sessions for children, teens, and adults to guide them on a journey to develop deeper meaning, purpose, and agency in their lives.

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catalyst conversations
Catalyst Conversations

Need a partner to help you access new sources of inquiry, inspiration, and self reflection? I work with people of all ages, in-person or over Zoom, to guide them on a journey to deep understanding, connection, healing and personal growth.

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Connection circles
Connection Circles

Want to engage with art, writing, and identity with a group of peers? Join a Connection Circle to learn, practice, and create in a supportive communal environment. Participants will explore personal intuitive writing, drawing, and painting to better understand themselves and each other.

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